Our services and sports facilities are suitable for both men and women of all ages. The equipment at the BUILD fitness center is suitable for sports fans as well as for professional training of competitors. Here are at your disposal over 70 professional fitness equipment from leading world brands Techno Gym, HAMMER STRENGTH and Lifefitness, which are the basis for your quality workout.

BUILD fitness center is the only fitness center in Bulgaria that has such a wide range of appliances of the emblematic brand HAMMER STRENGTH, distributed in two main areas:

HAMMER STRENGTH plate loaded
Another area is equipped with a wide variety of Tekno Gym Selection lines, known for its extremely functional design, which improves the effect of training and reduces the risk of injuries.
The BUILD fitness center card zone is equipped with treadmills, bikes, crosshairs and more. From the Lifefitness brand, the PRECOR multifunctional devices and last but not least the StairMaster PT7000 fitness escalators - some of the most preferred cardio equipment.